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vHUB is vSTAGE's (see project) big brother and responsible for storing and managing 3D data, media, materials, and more. My task was to design a platform that can handle all kinds of tools/views. From user management, to material remapping, filtering of huge lists, to a wysiwyg view for the creation of guided presentations and instructions.


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Side Effects

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Since there is so much data to display, we decided to not reinvent the wheel here. We have a table layout that can be switched to two kinds of grids, or a list. On the left you can filter by all kinds of metadata that we have access to. This works well for projects, materials, images, video, etc. as you can see here.

On the other hand: If you visited the vSTAGE project before you came here, you know that vSTAGE can be used to create instructions, or even interactive questionnaires to certify employees. And vHUB is the place to create those forms/overlays.
In the image below you can see the first draft of a interactive form builder. You can drag blocks with UI elements to the panel on the right where you set them up and to the far right you can see a preview of what the form will look like inside vSTAGE. But...

Good, but not good enough

... vSTAGE is made with the Unity 3D game engine and new features allowed us to overlay those forms in form of a browser webview. This gave us the opportunity to re-think this again and make the user experience way better. Now we can create those forms and overlays inside a wysiwyg editor. Just drag blocks from the right panel into the white panel and create your UI this way. You can type in wysiwyg editor, no need for a separate input anymore. Also, to keep it simple, we brought in the slides bar from vSTAGE, with the possibility to add chapters to your presentations in the viewport. If you're interested, you can check out my interactive prototype.


Light and dark themes are available

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Mockup for 3.0 Release of vSTAGE and vHUB Login


There are currently more views and tools in the making and I will update this page when I have more to share.
In the past I designed a ton of websites. Like you know... websites and landing pages. These days I design fully featured service platforms and web/desktop apps. Don't get me wrong, I love it! The approach is just very different. You don't have to think 'website', you have to think 'desktop app'. There is no 'call to action' button, or 'above the fold'. It is an 'app' and priorities of how a user interacts with it are far from a normal website. Which is for me a good opportunity to keep learning and improving.