Tesla Watch App

Concept Design & Animation

Porting the Tesla mobile app to the Apple Watch presents several challenges, particularly in the areas of user interface design and compatibility with Tesla features. Of course the screen Size and resolution is a challenge in itself. Interaction methods are different on the Apple Watch as well. I tried to come up with something that could theoretically work.


Apple Watch App


Personal Project

Demo Video

The summoning gesture: Double-tap and hold for 5 seconds.

A few iterations where necessary to make this experience actually work. Buttons were to small, and had to be removed. There is no way I could select anything without selecting the wrong thing. The solution was to just go back to the drawing board and visualize in my head, what the coolest UX would look like.

007 inspired

The concept of using a touch surface to execute a action was inspired by the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies.' In this film, the renowned spy is seen using a touchpad on an Ericsson phone to control his BMW car.


Porting the Tesla mobile app to the Apple Watch involves overcoming several design and compatibility challenges. However, with careful planning and execution, these challenges can be addressed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. It is unlikely to ever become reality though. Doesn’t matter, I loved thinking about it for a few weeks :)