MANHUNT short film

Sci-fi meets 80's

Another form of UI I love is FUI. These fictional user interfaces are by now well known and can be seen in big blockbusters like Marvel movies, James Bond, Avatar, essentially everywhere you see screens and holograms.

Jack Martin, a young and upcoming director from Los Angeles wrote me an email and asked if I was interested in creating FUI for his short film. In his email he also mentioned words like sci-fi, Black Mirror and 80's style. That was all I needed to hear and I was in!




Cosmic Hamlet

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Jack Martin

It was nineteen eighty something...

... when I grew up. Looking back, the 80's and 90's are my favorite time. Ugly eyeglasses, haircuts and weird clothing. VHS, audio cassettes and whatnot. It was fantastic! User interfaces back then where for the most part okay-ish. Some better than others of course, During my research, I have found some beautiful and advanced UI's though. Like in the Alien movies you can find some really cool FUI's. Anyways... for this film I had to create an old-school looking UI that in theory would work, but doesn't utilize all the UI patterns we know today. Essentially it had to be 'dumbed down' to make it more believable :)

Sometimes FUI is visible for like 1 or 2 seconds, if you're lucky and it is there to help the story along. And because of that it has to be 'in your face' and let you know in one second what's going on. In this case it is even less than one second, but it works very well.

Test Animation

Have 9 Minutes? It's worth watching!


A wonderful project with a wonderful director, who let me suggest ideas regarding UI and UX. Currently (near the end of 2022) I am working with Jack again, on his first feature length film. You can find out more here: