INBA for iOS

Physics Puzzle

A few years back I was still coding Actionscript 3. as a hobby and stumbled upon a physics engine called APE. I was playing around with it for a while. One day I saw this little game on the web, that inspired me to create my own. I thought it would be awesome to adapt something similar to a mobile device and use touch instead of a mouse. The idea of INBA was born. The goal is to balance and stack geometrical objects. If one falls down, you lose.


iOS App


Personal Project

At the time I was also inspired by the design of a Playstation game called "Little Big Planet". The world is made out of mostly fabric and cloth materials, perfect for what I had in mind. I begun searching and purchasing fabric textures and created a very unique look for my game.

For some reason it was a big hit in South Korea and Taiwan. People went nuts and created one hiscore after another.

All in all I am very proud of this game. It looks good and it plays well on mobile. But I'm mostly proud that it works at all. After all, it is made in Flash, with thousands of lines of code and I had to figure many things out myself, because not many people were using Flash and AIR to create games for mobile devices.

And I also learned that creating games, is in fact very hard. I appreciate the hard work of all the developers in the gaming industry.

You can guess by looking at the phone how old this game is by now :)

UX is the most important part for me, when it comes to anything I create. And I always go one step further. For example, I built this little 'screen' on the top right, visible while you're dragging and object. I made this, so I can see what is underneath my finger.
Or the fact that it supports multitouch. This way you can drag with one finger and rotate the piece with the button on the top left. Speaking of left, if you're left-handed, you can swap the button to the right in the settings. Things like that, are important.